Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

As I get older, I have this NEED to be organized. I like everything put away & organized. And I like GLASS in my kitchen. I don't like platic storage containers at all. Well, when I got asked what I wanted for MD, I said got to "X" Store & get the little glass spice jars for me.

What you see in the picture is just 1/2 of them. I only ended up with ONE unlabeled jar, though I have many EMPTY jars because the spices were expired..........And some of the spices I had still had price tags on them. TAGS, not bar codes. How old could THOSE have been???

Anyway............I'm a Happy Camper. I like that the glass can be cleaned and relabled. Figure I'll pick up a few more incase I need them. Got to see if there are some slightly larger for parsley flakes (use those a lot!) and chili powder. I buy huge containers of that too.

The jars did not come labeled or with labels, I used my own label maker & put the labels at the top of the jars so that the ones in the back top shelf can be seen & read. Aggravating not to be able know what those spices are!

You know what I used for those spice shelves? Ha, Ha !! 2X4's. Just had Prince Charming cut them to fit the cabinet. Works like a charm. Cheap butt, huh?



Barb said... your glass spice jars. I love glass on the cubboards doors as well.

Katie said...

Hey if it works!!! I think the 2x4s are smart! :)