Saturday, June 11, 2011

Future NQR Project < sort of a rant!>

This is a Non-Quilting-Related post! And I am going to rant too. So read at your own risk.

Prince Charming & I are always planning projects. So far our most afggressive has been our shop that we're building. In this heat, it's about to kick our butt. White vinyl siding in the sun, is no fun. But when it gets completed, it will all be worth it.

A project that we have lined up is to start a rose garden. A real one. Lot's of roses. Tea roses. Complete with pathways & a gazebo & possibly some (or "a") pergola. Prince Charming wants a waterfall too. We have the space in our yard. Anyway.......I have started 4 rose plants. 3 are doing well, the 4th......not so much. I have also started some roses from seeds & there are 6 that have germinated!

This post is about my quest to find BOOKS on roses. Not what they look like, but how to care for them, type of soil, how to keep certain deseases away....etc. Well, yesterday I drive all the way to Nashville to Books-A-Million. It's the closest book store & it's roughly 30 miles away. Guess what? No books on roses. None. No magazines dedicated to roses either. Not one. To say I was disappointed is a an understatement. But what I want to rant about is what follows.

Not only did they NOT have books on roses, but they DID have 4 DIFFERENT books by seperate authors on growing............wait for it...........




I am a pretty liberal person. But I guess not. I guess the older I get, the more conservative I become. But give me a break! I live in Middle Tennessee. The South. The Bible Belt. I can buy a book on cultivating pot, but not ROSES ?

Nashville has a Rose Society, I am headed to thier website to see if they have any recommended reading. Certainly, B-O-M doesn't have what I need!

Seriously? No books on roses! (My local library wasn't any help either)


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