Monday, June 13, 2011

Lydia - Top Done

I have the top for the Lydia Quilt completed. I liked these blocks. They were not so fiddly as I normally work with. And I really like the open spaces - if I did more than just pantographs with my long-arm quilting I could put wreaths in those plain squares.

The pattern has it "done" @ this stage,with no borders, but I have enough of the cheddar print to put really big borders on it. Sounds icky, but once it's quilted, I will scallop the borders & that's why I need them wider than normal. I had origianlly thought about doing a blue border, or even a red one, but changed my mind. I can do that, you know......

Ihave never put scalloped borders on a quilt!

There is not usually SUN in our family room, but I have the day off & was able to take advantage of the natural light that only comes in during the morning hours. A rare treat up here ("up here" means the bonus/family room - becasue it's in the attic roof area of our house)

And here is a picture of the little dude - just coz he's adorable!



Chris said...

Delicious creation! And I love the quilt, too.

mistyeiz said...

o my word!!! look at the little bloke...he's grown so much!! its been so long since i stopped by, so nice to see ur quilts again. :D