Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun & Done

We'll start with "done" first.

I finished quilting QB1's quilt. I hope that she didn't hurt her fingertips while she was at the lake this weekend, because she's got a binding to put on her quilt! And it's NO lap quilt. I used an old pantograph that I have - it's got leaves on it. QB1 wanted something loose so that the quilt would be puffy. I used a complimentary thread & like ALWAYS, you can hardly even SEE the thread. Not on the front. I guess that's a good thing. It's finally done & I already took it to her house. She wasn't home, so it will be a surprise!

Now comes the FUN part.

Y'all know right??? That I do NOT need another project? I just don't. I got off work early one day the week boefore last & I wandered up to a quilt shop in Goodlettsville. I can't remember the name (I am sorry, but as many as I go too, it's hard to keep them straight) I bought a pattern (saw that coming didn't you?) by Bonne Blue Quilts, called "Lydia". They had one made hanging up stairs int he shop & let me tell you, it nearly screamed at me to be made! The pattern cover photo does not do , what the REAL quilt looked like, justice at all.

Here's a photo of the quilt on the pattern cover.

But it's really done in a chrome yellow & blues & red. I happen to have aobut 6 yards of a chrome yellow with little red flowers on it. I made 9 blocks in under 2 and a half hours. Super easy & the way they are set on point withthe background color on the outside of the block makes it look like they are floating. Really pretty.

AND.........while digging through my stash, I found what might be the perfrect border fabric for it too. It's blue with chrome yellow motifs on it. I got all the yellow @ Whittles. Saw it on line, called themt o make sure they had X # of yards & I got it the NEXT day. Whittle's is AWESOME. Just AWESOME. When I bought the yellow, I didn't know what project I wanted it for. I had seen a yellow & red quilt in one of Bonnie Hunters recent books, but when I saw the Lydia pattern, I thought "WHY NOT"?

Though, let me tell you.........I finished 9 blocks & have 28 more cut out. I was using fat quarters & the pattern calles for 1/3 yard cuts...anyway, Saturday I go buy 5 more blue fat quarters. As long as I have been sewing, I STILL make STUPID mistakes. Yep! Cut every single FQ wrong for the next 9 blocks. The fabric is not unusable, just not usable for THIS project... Oh Well. Give me my "idiot" sign & I'll gladly wear it. How did I do that you ask? Ha! Because I was too confident in myself & thought that I had all the cuts memorized & when I went to cut the last 5 fat quarters, I didn't even bother reading the instructions. See? Idiot. Doesn't that go with "measure twice, cut once"? Well, duh! Only measruing wasn't my problem.

So, there you have it, my Fun & Done post.

As soon as I have enough different variety of those Lydia blocks, I'll post my progress.

See Ya !


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