Saturday, March 5, 2011

Checking In

Ugh! I have been busy. Busy with "work" (meaning my regular daytime job!), busy with life, busy being sick, busy with family, and very little sewing. My long arm customer (s) probably think I dropped off the face of the earth.

I didn't.

But it sure feels like it.

On the other hand - today seems like it's gettting bak to normal. I took Friday off & sat & sewed with QB1. Actually we did very little sewing and did a lot of jawing. We also went & had a sandwich & went to Wooka's & the new Mennonite store in Charlotte. My friend Chernal was going to try & join us & that didn't work out (hopefuly crossing my fingers worked for you Chernal!!!)

I have tried to get motivated to finish the borders on my Ocean Waves. I am going to have to finish it THIS month as I have already ordered the label for it with MARCH 2011 on it. If that isn't a motivation maker, I don't know what is!

I think I have Pineapple Fever. What is that you ask? How silly of me, I will explain. I just finished a pineapple quilt that took me over 3 years to complete, i have a 30's Pineapple (pineapple variation...) that all the blocks are done - I lack setting the rows with cornerstones, putting on borders & appliquing flowers on the borders. NOW - I have started another Pineapple. Another variation of sorts. It's called 'On Eagles Wings". Google it, under images - It's really pretty. Block goes together super fast - even though there are 32 pieces in each 8 inch block - and after that one, I want to do (what will hopefully be my last & be OUT of my system forever) another Pineapple called "Everlasting Wreath". I think I'll pretty much have my paper piecing technique down pat! Whatcha think?

Here is the 2nd Dear Jane block that I have finished. ( WOW, I am SO glad I am NOT doing this baby in the real 4.5 size!!!)Actually finished this block over a week ago - just been too busy to get it posted.

And here is the A-3 flop. I'm just going to applique teh melons onto a square - I'm no good at curved seams, can you tell???



Barb said...

I love everyone's dear Janes quilts.....I think it is quite the undertakin.

Mia's Cottage said...

your crazy!! I would stick to the wreath one... looks like it would drive you less crazy tan the eagle one.. Holy Guacamole!!!!!!