Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ocean Waves - UpDate

Do you see this? I could bet that you may not know why this post is so important, nor that you really know what you're looking at!!

What you see in this picture is the very last side of the inner pinwheel border on my Ocean Waves Quilt. Yippee! Yay! I did this on Thursday night - what was Thursday? I think it was the 17th. QB1 came over to the house & we sewed some. It was the first time I have "sewed" in days & days......thought I was going into withdrawls.....

All I lack now is getting the outer plain blue borders on it & to get it quilted.

Normally, I put 6 inch outer borders on my quilts. Just do. No reason. But if I finish this quilt with a 6 inch outer border - it makes it 105 inches wide. I am thinking I need to make them only 4 inches. If I make them 6", I don't think I can comfortably quilt it on the longarm. All the printed backings that I have are all 108" wide. 3" just isn't enough wiggle room. Not for me.


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