Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Storage



My sewing "room" is in an area of our bonus room. (or family room - huge room over the house - our 3rd story) I take up about a 1/3 of it. It's a nice space. I can interact with the family & I can see the TV too. Though I don't watch it, I usually only have it on as "company", you know?

Anyway - I have one of those fold out cutting / craft tables, but I only use half of it because: #1 it takes up a LOT of space when it's all the way out - & really isn't very useful for quilting all the way out, #2 my favorite cutting mat fits on half of it. So I only use half.

Forever & ever I have had these plastic drawers under the one side. 10 , 12 years or better....but they are not quite tall enough, I have to stick a 2X4 under there to make up the difference in height.

QB1 had a couple of dressers/chests of drawers that she was getting rid of. I needed one for the grandson & took both when she showed up. This one fit perfect under my cutting table! Perfect! And it is SO much more stable then the plastic drawers ever were!

Did I get rid of the plastic drawers? Well, what do YOU think?

Of course NOT. 3 of those drawers in the chest are empty, I just moved the plastic ones to another place (under the window).

One day, Prince Charming is going to make all matching furniture for me. Cabinets, cutting table, ironing table, and a counter with drawers...(that's the plan) until then? Well, this is good enough. Besides, who is going to complain about more storage????

Not this me.


PS: my longarm machine is in a room in the basement. So I have TWO sewing rooms!!

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