Friday, April 30, 2010

Cheesy Photo

QB1 took this photo of me while we were @ Paducah last week. This was the cardboard image of Eleanor Burns in front of her shop in downtown Paducah. We had walked all day & I have been recovering from wrenching my back (no clue how I did that!) so I was forcing that cheeser smile.

Funny story........QB1 & I got to the tent that Quilt In A Day has @ the fairgrounds & QB1 is standing in line to get her book autographed by EB. She's like #5 in line. Well one of the show henchmen comes up & says that book signing is stopping @ person #3 - QB1 was a little angry because she'd been standing there........THEN after EB comes down off the stage - she walks past all these OTHER people that were not even in line & signs books.........oh my! QB1 was NOT happy...........It wasn't EB's fault. Her employees should have stood in the back of the line & stopped people there...But oh well. They had lots & lots of fabric discounted - but I just didn't see anything that screamed it needed to come home with me.

We really had a good time though. Lots & lots & lots of vendors. That's my FAVORITE part of the "show". I bought a bunch of patterns - some thread (that I'm not going to use)and 3 new pantographs & not much else. The fabric was overwhelming. But I just am NOT going to buy it for $9 per yard. I don't need it that badly.

Oh yeh! I think I have my thread issues corrected. I fiddled & fiddled - said some REALLY ugly things - and finally got the stitches to look NICE. On top & on the bottom. Bourbon is going to like his sheet quilt. Babtist Fans on blue pinstriped sheets. Thread is some plum/purple that I have NEVER used. This is one ugly practice peice. Good thing he don't care. I , probably, won't post pictures of this doggy quilt, fix the tension, practice's not my best work.


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Barb said...

Cute photo...ha!! I don't think I thanked you for those patterns the other day, got sooo side tracked...but thanks so much for thinking of me.