Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quilting the Grandbaby's Quilt

ACK !! I am frog stitching. Major, big time FROGGING. I am backing the quilt in a Cowboy print. Bucking Broncos. It's an older Michael Miller fabric. And since the top is a dark navy blue - I wanted to quilt it with navy blue thread. Well.........the only dark blue thread I have it YLI.

I don't know what YOU use, but I don't use YLI. I have about 12 cones of YLI that I got when I bought the machine. I can't make it work, I have never been able to make it work. It shreds easily, and has too many slubs in it. I hate it. I dislike it, I can't even pretend that I like it.

But it was NAVY BLUE !!

So I loaded the quilt up, and quilted 2 rows of stars & loops. Well, now I am frogging said 2 rows. It's going to take me 2 days to frog stitch all this quilting. The top looks great, the back looks like ......... nasty. Loops and little nests. I fiddled with the tension, I fiddled with the bobbin tension, I threaded & rethreaded the machine.........I said some really NOT NICE words about that YLI thread, and NOW I am frogging it all out.

Cotie's husband once told me that 2 minutes quilting on a long arm equals 2 hours of taking it all out. I think he's understated that action. I am a 1/3 done, of frog stitching. I been doing it all night.

I'll re-quilt it later next week. I WILL use navy blue thread, but a guarantee you, it won't be with that YLI thread. Not even one inch.

Anyone want some YLI thread? I am serious. We can trade. I'll count how many I got. (have some mono-filiament too. I refuse to quilt with that stuff too)

What brand do I like? What brand do I buy? PERMA-CORE. Love the stuff. I never have tension problems with the PERMA-CORE thread. But I used up all my navy blue.....

And just for the record. I have used the YLI on a Gammill Optimum and had the EXACT same issues as I am having on my Nolting 24. Yes, maybe you're right, maybe I HAVE convinced myself & now it's simply a mind thing - but right now it's a seam ripper thing. I ain't using that shtuff again.

I was SO hoping to have it quilted & the binding sewn on for the trip to Salem (Opelika, AL) this coming week. Darn it.

No pictures because it's ugly right now.............!!!!!!!!


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