Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bug Jar Quilt

Shortly after Christmas last year, my friend Donna in southern California, asked me if I could contribute any fabric to make some Bug Jar Quilts.

There was a very tragic accident & one brother of 3 was killed. The Aunt(s) of the boys wanted to make the quilts for the younger boys. I thought this was a beautiful idea & was brought to tears over the whole incident. I dont' wish to intrude in the family's privacy & won't post photos of the boys, nor their names. I thought it was just wonderful that they shared the photos with me.

I managed to send a nice selection of prints & the Aunt(s) were gracious enough to share photos of the compeleted quilts. It's so nice to recognize some of the prints that I sent!

I was honored to be asked to help & doubly honored that they used what I sent. It makes me feel so proud of the nice things that quilters do for one another



Barb said...

What a sweet but sad the bug jars...

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for sending those fabrics our way. The quilts turned out great and the boys seem to like them. (Although it is hard to know with young boys sometimes.) I know their parent's appreciated them. And it was healing for us to be able to make them. Your generosity is amazing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a touching story and beautiful quilt. Solidarity is very much part of quilters´work, I think.