Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twilight In the Garden

Today was day 2 of the "Old Timer's Day Festival". Pretty much a wash out - pun intended. It's rained so much so quickly that there is flash flooding every where. The interstate has even been closed in areas. I-24 in Nashville @ Bell Road is under water. Literally. And the rain hasn't stopped. More to come tomorrow. My basement got a little bit of water. I went into panic mode, and whent he rain let up, it receded. I am still in panic mode. The water didn't come but MAYBE 4 feet into the garage, and it was MAYBE a 1/4 inche deep........but I have my LONGARM manchine in the basement. I have the majority of my STASH in the basement. All I could think about was how I was going to get it all upstairs by myself. So far I don't have to worry about it.

ANYWAY.........The Quilt Guild I belong to, hosts a quilt show during the Festival (I might have the exact title of the "festival" wrong...) and this years' theme was something to do with Garden's . I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention. I am not an extremely floral person, and the 2 quilts that I entered into the show were my "Twilight In The Garden" and "Butterflies for Ryan". The Butterfly Quilt belongs to DD#2. It is currently residing @ my house for repairs. Of which I have not completed.

Twilight In the Garden is a quilt I made while we lived in Alabama. If memory serves me correctly, I bought all the fabrics from Joan. ALL the fabrics, inclduing the backing, are all Thimbleberries. The pattern is from the book ; "Bed & Breakfst Quilts" by Mimi Deitrich. It is one of my very most favorite quilts and I am sure you've seen it on this blog before!

I won a "merrit" ribbon for my participation. QB1 took my photo. We were all sitting around doing handwork & I have my Grandmother's Flower Garden in my hands.

So long for now........I hear more thunder & I need to go let my vey wet "outside" dogs "in" for the night. After being outside, all day in the pouring rain, I think they deserve a nice dry place to sleep.



Barb said...

Loveeeeee your quilt!!! Great going!!

The Calico Quilter said...

That is a beautiful quilt. They should have given you every ribbon in the place! So sorry to hear about the flooding. We really dodged the bullet here in Chattanooga, just a few inches of rain last night.