Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Thinking Outside the Box" Update

Well, I finished the quilting this afternoon. It turned out really pretty & really BRIGHT. I can not decide if the back is more bright then the front. I used purple thread. DD#2 loves purple.

I already have the binding strips sewn together & ironed in half & ready to apply. Just need to DO IT.

I brought the quilt upstairs to lay out on the floor to photograph & load some photos onto my blog & while I was turning on the computer & connecting to the internet, the dog decides that I laid it down JUST FOR HIM. No encouragement what-so-ever.

I am sure that DD#2 will not appreciate it. I will definately have to run it through the washer after I bind it & before I give it to her.

Soon as I can get it laid out flat, I'll post additional photos.



Heather said...

Any quilt on the ground is far game for dogs. He's very cute. He reminds me a little of my dog.

Mama Koch said...

He thought it was for thoughtful! It will be loved on before you give it to DD. Nothing hurt.