Saturday, September 5, 2009

How Do you Say......(in Finnish?)


I oredered several (okay 2) women's Ottobre magazines and several (okay, 2 again) Ottobre children's magazines. (mine will all come in English....)

They are supposed to be for sewing clothing & every pattern they show in each magazine has the multisize pattern included. How cool is that?

My sewing experience began with sewing clothing. My first CLOTHING item was my maternity clothes when I was pregnant with DD#1 - wow, I was 18.

I bought that sewing machine when I was 16. I still have it, too. A New Home. Taht has been a workhorse for sure.

I made clothing for the girls. Jumpers, skirts, short-alls, shorts, sweatshirts, leggings, dresses, smocked dresses, costumes. You name it, I sewed it.

When I made clothing for the girls, I didn't sew much for myself. Some skirts & that was about it. I like them LONG and you can't go to Wal-Mart & buy skirts like that much...

As the girls got older they didn't want "HOME MADE" clothing - so I transitioned into quilting.

Well - while surfing the internet, I have come across many blogs that have people that SEW (not quilts) and it has sparked my re-intrest in sewing again. I also want to sew clothing for the grandbaby - but BOY'S clothing patterns leave a lot to be desired in the the normal pattern companies. I want to sew more than Jammies, you know?

Anyway - some of the blogs that I have seen have used OTTOBRE patterns. So i ordered them! But I'm do you pronounce OTTOBRE? I mean, I can figure it out in Spanish or English = it would be sort of like Auto-Bray..but that can't be right if it's from Finland would it? So? Anyone know how to say it correctly?

My English leaves much to be desired (let's not even get started on my spelling!) and my Spanish is getting a little better (but the mexican - spanish speaking population in TN stays more than a little segregated and I don't get to practice much) but I'm POSITIVE I know nothing of Finnish (?) or how to correctly say "OTTOBRE".

When I get my magazines, I'd like to, at least, seem like I know what I'm to keep my image up, you know!

"OTTOBRE" - it's a magazine......



(ps - found out off the quilting forum that's it's pronounced O...TOE....BER. Easy Enough. Curiousity satisfied!)


allsewnup said...

I hear you about the boys sewing patterns, definitely leaves alot to be desired. This magazine includes the patterns? That is so cool. I like the cover of the mag, too cute.


Greg said...

I did some digging an found this.. Finnish tutorial

I also found that in Italian Ottobre means October.

I dunno how much help that'll be..

Skeeredofbarkingspiders said...

If my German isn't failing me.. I do believe alot of finnish and german is relative to dutch which would lead you to pronounce it oht-TOH-breh.. I went out with a German exchange student once *hehe*.