Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blooming Again!

This is my Angel Trumpet plant. If you remember - I planted it at Easter.

I must say, AGAIN, I am not a gardener. If I plant it & it grows , it's a GOOD thing.

This plant is now over 8 foot tall. No kidding. And it's blooming AGAIN!!!!! The smell is beautiful - I can't explain it - just lovely.

WOW, it is so beautiful. You would not beleive it. There are twice as many blooms this time, than there were last time. There are so many hummingbirds in it that they sound like chickens.

I don't know anyone ,that has one, that has seen one bloom twice. I nearly cut it back, about 2 weeks ago, until I saw the bloom's taken over the walkway - you either have to move it or walk under it to get by it.

Once it's finished blooming - I'll have to cut it back.

the photos are a little dark - it was nearly 7 PM when I took these photos. I have never had anything do so well! I am so proud!

Not much sewing going on. I did lay out my Pineapple Patch blocks & stacked them all up to be sewn into rows. And that's it.



Dena said...

I've had so much fun browsing your blog. I love your pineapple patch blocks. I'm going to have to search through my magazine to see if I have it. If not, the block itself should be easy to duplicate and the applique border doesn't look too difficult.

Anonymous said...

OH so beautiful! I love flowering trees and shrubs that return with little to no work. I have a basil plant inside that seems to be holding up despite what I consider serious foliage abuse.