Monday, September 21, 2009

Checking In - No Photos Yet

Saturday - my guild went to the Huntsville Quilt Show. We chartered a bus. Since the last time I went to a quilt show, I forgot to put new batteries in my camers - I made SURe I put *NEW* batteries in it - but - guess what? I forgot the camera...We had a blast. I am so glad we chartered a bus.

They had door prizes - every hour - one of my guild members won a new Viking Sewing Machine! I don't think anyone else (in our guild) won anything more.

There were a LOT of quilts. Beautiful too - nice bed size quilts. There were vendors too. I spent my "allotment" - one thing though - I bought another Martelli Curve Master. When I got home I did 2 things. #1 Tried to use the one I bought - but guess what??? The one I bought on Saturday is a 5/8 inch seam allowance. Now WHY would they even sellt he 5/8 at a quilt show? Needless to say - a 5/8 is NOT going to work #2 Now since I knew what the foot was supposed to LOOK like - I found my other one. I am going to try & send the *new* one back (because it's 5/8's) and exchange it for a 1/4". That way, I'll have a spare or a good door prize.

I got to meet up with my freind Kat - she brought her sister & her sister-in-law. WOW - what a great bunch of people. I'm glad I got to meet the 2 of them. Sure wish Kat didn't live so far away.

Well - I will see what kind of pictures I can load later -


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