Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

These are my rendition of "Pumpkin cupcakes".

The idea is from the book I got earlier this month : "Hello Cupcake"

Thiers look nicer, I don't have as much experience in decorating as they do...

I think they came out really cute! And they are super sweet. I "made" the orange sugar. I couldn't find any & I didn't want to order any - so I put 2 cups of sugar (much more than I needed, as it turns out) into a zip-lock bag & then added the gel frosting tint & mashed it until the color was uniform. Worked like a charm.

The cake part of the cupcakes is a French Vanilla box mix with a can of pumpkin added & pumpkin pie spice too. I am anxious to EAT THEM.

Whatcha Think?


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Skeeredofbarkingspiders said...

I Love em... Bet they are good!! We just got a Books a Million in the Gadsden Mall, think Imma gonna hafto go get me a Cuppie cake book too. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!