Monday, November 10, 2008

Table Decorations

DD#2 was home from college this weekend. I didn't tell you all, but she had a car accident on Sept 29th. her car was totalled. This is accident #3 in 14 months. Anyway, this accident was not her fault (as was NOT the first one a year ago...) DD#1 & I have badgered her to come home for longer than 24 hours. It was a nice visit & she got to see the car that we got for her. she is still driving my station wagon & had to drive it back to college. i could not allow her the *new* car because I still lack getting tags on it. Oh ! She wasn't hurt in her accident either.
Anyway - both DD's & I went to lunch in West Nashville @ Red Robin (over rated...) and then we went to "World Market" I bought the table runner & the candle sticks. I am ashamed to say I spent 1/2 of what I normally spend on groceries in a week...just on those 5 candle sticks & the table runner. Ashamed! I am ! they better last YEARS....then we went to Target. DD#2 needed a blowdryer. got a really nice one for $20. that blowdryer was the whole purpose of the whole trip.
Sunday, the DH took us all to breakfast. I like Cracker Barrel. I got vetoed, and the DD's wanted this new place that is called "Farmer's" it's a buffett place. No lack of food, but definately a loack of ambience, service & style. BUT ! The food was very good & they had lots of fruit too. I still want Cracker Barrel. maybe I'll order CRACKERS the next time I'm there.
Later on Sunday, DD#1 & I went to K-Mart & I bought the berry/pinecone garland & candles there. It all turned out very pretty. Even the DH likes it a lot.
As you can tell, I still can not decide what color curtains to hang in the dining table room. Yes, you read it right. "The Dining Table Room" - why? Well, because that's all the room has, a ding table. We have YET to eat in there. Thanksgiving will be the first meal in there. I like the red walls. More than I thought I would, and the old gold seat covers have GOT to go. I need to find a place that has drapery fabric. I really need to recover the seats, but I know for sure I'll have to do them again WHEN I find what I want for the window. I don't want anything heavy or dark because I really LIKE all the light that window affords in the afternoon.

How do like the table decorations?


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Skeeredofbarkingspiders said...

I love the Table decorations... I can't wait to get all these boxes unpacked and get the christmas Decor from the storage building! My thanksgiving decor is going to consist of Boxes lol.