Sunday, November 16, 2008

Win, Lose, or Compromise?

I was cooking this afternoon. Special request from Prince Charming. He wanted Clam Chowder. Well - the favorite Fat Dog will not stay out of the kitchen while I cook. Ever. She will , however, stay on a rug if there is one. Well there ISN'T one. So I got "her" blanket from the bedroom & laid it on the floor . She plunked herself down on it & there she stayed all afternoon, while I cooked. She was probably waiting for me to drop something...I did, some potatoes....
That's my baby!

Took the big dogs for rabies & booster shots yesterday. WOW ! I am now $80 less wealthy. They behaved so well. Bourbon only growled once & that's because one of the doctors came out & hollered someone's name...he growled big time. Some lady grabbed up her kid & made him stay close to her. Good thing, Bourbon doesn't appreciate children. Briscoe cried when the doctor stabbed him with his first shot. Since they were both so well behaved, I took them through the drive through @ Mickey D's & got them chicken nuts. They loved them!


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