Thursday, July 31, 2014

Everlasting Wreath Progress

I brought this to work today so that I could have LOVELY assistants hold it up so I can get a few pictures. I put the blue painters tape on the edges (missed some!) to keep the paper intact - I NEED it to sew the blocks together and as many times as the blocks have to be rotated to be sew together - the paper is getting very fragile. Ona side note: As my lovely assistants are holding htis up for me - a driver at the window asked me if it was HANDSEWN? I replied NO. He says.....wait for it..... "If it's not handmade, it's not a real quilt!" You know what my response was???? Yah? How many have YOU made? - He says I *helped* my grandmother make ONE. Yah - he KNOWS so much about quilts right??? That comment set me off, I'll tell ya!!!
Ya'll Have A Good Day Now! M

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Kristie said...

That is beautiful! I have this quilt as a UFO, I really need to get back working on it. I don't have near as much done as you do. BTW...some people are so rude and just need to keep their mouths shut! :) My grandmother was never a happy person and sadly she thrived on hurting other peoples feelings. She was a quilter but only did applique. Most of my quilts are pieced and not appliqued. I hated when she was around my quilts as she would pick them apart, she would constantly find something wrong with them and would always say, "it isn't a quilt unless it is applique" :(