Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another Doll Dress

It is so fun to sew something SWEET & GIRLLY !!! And dolls don't complain!
This is a really old pattern I have had for over 20+ years as I made dresses for my youngest daughter from this pattern & doll dresses to match! and she will be 29 this coming Tuesday. I had to enlarge the pattern, as it was originally designed for the 18" American Girl Dolls. (which by the way...I restrung one with great success! Thank You "youtube"!!) M


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've enjoyed looking through your posts. I came across your blog looking for rug twining posts. That large one you finished most recently is spectacular! I have been doing twining for several years, and just recently got going on some new projects, and that made me interested to see what other people are doing. Do you have any rugs going on right now? Or plans?

momtofatdogs said...

I sure do ! I am currently getting together enough red/white/blue strips to make anohter BIG qyuilt (mixing someof my own with precut strips from Laura's Rag Rugs.) and I have been gifted some wool strips and as soon as I figure out how many & how much I'll have - I don't know if I will BRAID a rug or twine one. I twined 3 so far & there are at least a half dozen women in my quilt guild doing twining! very addictive.