Friday, July 18, 2014

No, I DO NOT collect dolls..............

I do not collect dolls - I don't want any more dolls. I raised 2 girls, I have plenty of dolls. I made the teal colored jeans on the My Twinn Doll. I used a pattern for an 18" doll & enlarged it. the length is good, the waist is a little loose. (I made a pair for the 18" doll too and the jeans seem a little short & really hard to get on the doll) I did not make the pink cupcake shirt. I bought a baby onsie at Wal Mart for $2 and was going to remove all the seams & make a shirt, but it turns out that the fit is good enough and all I did was cut the snap area off & hem it up! In the foreground, at the big dolls feet is the pir of pink jeans that I made. As of yet, I have to put velcro on the fly & hem them.
I did not make this DRESS. I brought the doll to be used as a model, my friend Diane (met at the quilt guild!) made the dress & is entering it in the next county fair. We wanted to see it ON a doll that the pattern is intended for. Her dress is adorable!
Sometimes it's just nice to make something SWEET ! It's beenso long since I sewed little dresses for girls! But, do you know what's good about sewing for dolls? They just don't care. They don't complain. It's a WIN/WIN situation sewing for dolls! Sam

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