Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rice Krispie Treats

The baby had a "fall party" @ the daycare on Friday. I signed DD#2 up to bring cheese cubes & rice krispy treats. Yes, I know, I could have BOUGHT little rice krispy treats that are individually wrapped, but I didn't DO that! I made them. Googled Halloween Rice Krispy treats & there were Pumpkins everywhere. Start to finish MAYBE 40 minutes. DD#2 said the kids loved them & they were a great hit. My grandbaby , however, did not eat one. (he is a terrible eater........just terrible!)

They are not absolutely perfect, but you know what? They're 2 year olds. And they are perfect to me!!



Wonky Girl said...

They are almost too cute to eat! Great treats for any halloween party, kids or adults. Thanks for the idea.

Barb said...

Those treats are just awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

These turned out too cute!!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness honey those are just too cute!