Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lady of the Lake / Belle Meade (#1) Top Done

Not Quilted Yet.

This is a quilt pattern from Bonnie Blue Quilts. They call it Belle Meade. My blog post shows "#1" because, well, it's ONE of TWO that I'm making.

Where #1 is red, #2 will be blue. And vice/versa. I really like this. I am battling over a decision to put additional borders on it. I think it needs it, but as you can see, it's large enough for our queen sized bed.

#2 will be started after I complete the one & only quilt that I am gifting for Christmas. (I already have all the HST's cut & ready to it's not like #2 has to be "started" or anything!)

Red is my FAVORITE color & RED/WHITE/BLUE is my favorite combo! My youngest daughter is always like: "Wow, Momma, ANOTHER red, white & blue quilt! Imagine that..." Just love that kid, you know?


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~Joan said...

Gorgeous. Just sayin'...