Saturday, October 8, 2011

Second Hand Clothes (KIT)

Several months ago, QB1 & I went to Whittles in KY. The "Second Hand Clothes" by Bonnie Blue Quilts, was one of 2 kits that I purchased. I was at a quilting retreat this week & I took this kit as one of my projects.

I completed all the blocks & sewed half the rows together. I had to complete the remaining rows @ home. You know? It takes 3 or 4 times LONGER to set blocks on point & sew into rows then it does to straight set the blocks? If the blocks on this design were straight set, then I'd pretty much lose all the design that the muslin fabric blocks create.

It's been a WHILE since I have done a quilt that has straight set blocks....Should feel like I finished it licktety split! I'm not complaining, becasue as much as I seem to be complaining about on-point sets, I am drawn to them. Over & over & over. And it can't be too bad, as my youngest daughter said "I claim THIS one!" When I laid it out on the bed to take this pisture this morning!



~Joan said...

Saw this pattern at a quilt show in my hometown this AM. If I were not on a strict no-spend time, I would have snatched this one up! Beautiful!!

Denise in PA said...

It's gorgeous! You're right about design made by the muslin. Worth the extra time!