Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Piddle Piddle Piddle & Fiddle

I can't beleive the sewing slump I have been in lately. I have done precious little sewing. I did get 4 more "On Eagles Wings" blocks completed. That gives me (I think) 22. I still have a long way to go. I spent Sunday morning CLEANING my sewing area. What a terrible spread out mess it was. I needed to get it clean so I could prioritize my projects. I have too many going to stay focused, it seems.

So I finished those 4 blocks & put them away in their little box until I can finish something else or to take them to work on whle sewing with QB1. I have finished cutting trimming & tearing the paper off all the BLUE hst's for my r/w/b Belle Meade. Ironing them too for.ever. Now I am cutting the red hst's apart. Once those are trimmed, paper removed & ironed...the blocks will go together super fast. I am excited to get them that far. (I think I made more hst's than I'll need....we'll see!)

I have my Ocean Waves on the table & ready for the outer borders. My freind, Leslie in AL, is making an embroidered label for me. I love her labels. But hte quilting is going to wait a little bit. I am going to quilt an old "Focs Fabric Quilt" that I made several years ago. It's cowboy themed & I am going to send it to my nephew in CA. H'es been diagnosed with a desease & I can't be there to hug him & feel like this is the next best thing that I can do. I am sure my nephew will fare well through his illness, but I worry about my brother. He is really having a hard time coping with this issue.

Anyway - now that my sewing area is cleaned up - it's much easier to feel like i want to sew!

I bought a BUNCH of patterns while I was @ Paducah & I just put them all away. I just have so many projects truning cartwheels in my head that if they are out on the table, I get sidetracked & want to start another project!! Ack! Can't do that.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I get something worth looking at!


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~Joan said...

I always enjoy your updates, sans pics or not!