Sunday, May 15, 2011

Say It On The Wall

This week I got busy hanging up all our pictures on the walls. I emptied a whole closet. I can honestly say that the movers did a wonderful job packing everything.

No, people, we didn't move.

We have lived here 3 years & I FINALLY put the pictures on the walls. No, I don't have a reason. I am not even going to try & figure out WHY I was so lazy. Not worth the effort.

Anyway.......I wanted to be able to hang my quilts behind the bed, full length. The hanger is sort of crude, but Prince Charming has said he'll build a NICE one for me. This set-up will suffice until then.


ps/ i can never get good pictures....I am up against a wall where I am standing & there is a huge cedar chest there too. I can't get far enough back to get a good picture.....oh well, you get the drift.


~Joan said...

That is gorgeous. And how nice that you can see through your headboard for more quilty viewing!

Wonky Girl said...

Ah that quilt is wonderful, really.
We have not hung pictures after 4 years. Keep saying we are going to repaint over the builders white but still need to paint.

Barb said...

Your quilt looks wonderful behind the bed. I have been here almost six months and have not put much up....

Wendy said...

This is one beauty! I love it !