Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wish List - Champagne Taste

Ugh! How come i always fall in love with something that is 10 times more expensive than I need to spend?

We have fully functioning patio furniture that we use on our deck. It's an aluminum set we bought in 2006. Maybe 2005. It was when daughter #2 graduated from high school. Bought it from K-Mart. It's a nice set - but it would be an understatement if I said I was NOW bored with it & want something new.

This week I got a new issue of Southern Living & they have a spread about porches in Charleston. Lots of wicker. I have had a love affair for wicker furniture for a LONG time. I think my Mother gave me the love. She never had a set. I wish I could have got her one. Fast forward to this week again.......I SO want new deck furniture.

I had a white wicker set about 7 years ago - but I didn't have the money to buy "all weather" wicker. it didn't last.

I found what I want!! Yipee! But there is no way I can buy it all at once. Pretty sure Prince Charming wont' jump at it either.

If I can't have exactly what is pictured below - it has to be super similar.

I don't want white. I don't want bulky. I want traditional. And I want it dark brown or black. I only want 2 rockers, 2 chairs, 2 side tables & only 1 sette. Maybe only 2 chairs.....Picky, huh? Well, if I spend what they want for that set, I better get EXACTLY what I want. From Orvis - The Champlain Set. Let's many "gift giving days" are there in 2011? My birthday is already passed, Valentines Day is already passed, Anniversary is already passed..... Pretty sure I can't get a "gift" for The 4th Of July. But hey! I still have Thanksgiving & Christmas!!!

I can DREAM, can't I ???


Edited to add: Ha! My friend Donna Reminded me that MOTHERS DAY is next month!!! And....I do have wicker furniture. It's on my front porch. 4 chairs & 2 end tables. We don't use it. It's eye-candy for the front of the house. It's not the style I want for the back deck - that's where we spend all out time in the spring & summer.

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Mia's Cottage said...

Don't forget Mother's day! Everybody can pick 1 thing and you'll almost be half way there!