Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 1st!

Prince Charming & I took Friday off. It was our 22nd anniversary. Yep! 22 Years. What did we do? Well we started the day by dropping off the F250 @ the Ford dealer. It's a 2006 and the engine is still under warranty & there is a "check engine" light on. Something to do with the turbo. They'll have it fixed next week. No, we're not down a vehicle. It mostly sits in the driveway. Prince Charming has a company truck. Then we went & had breakfast @ Cracker Barrell. I always get the same thing. Momma's French Toast Breakfast. Then as we were headed to the Plant Ranch to find Hydrangeas, I got a phone call from a guy from Clarksville. He used to fix industrial sewing machines & agreed to come & see if he could get the hook timed on my longarm. He'd never done one before.

Let me tell you about my longarm. It's been a wonderful machine. Perfect. I have NEVER had to time the hook in the 3 years that I have owned it. (really a little more than 3 years) But once it got OUT of timing & I fiddled & fiddled & adjusted & re-adjusted, I was So aggravated that I was desperate to take it to the closest dealer. The "closest" dealer is in....get this.....Agusta, GA. 6.5 hours drive one way.

So, he came & looked at it. Adjusted the hook. SHOWED me how it's supposed to look when I have to do it. We tested it multiple times until he felt I was satisfied with the stitches. It sews perfect stitches now. I quilted up some sheets that the dog stained up. I'll use what I quilted as a car blanket for Bourbon.

After my machine got fixed (really though it wasn't broken, just out of time...) we went back to the plant ranch. got 2 hydrangeas and 4 rolls of landscape fabric. Then spent about 2 hours pricing mulch. And vinyl siding (siding for the shed) You know? you can spend a LOT of money on plants.

Fast forward to Saturday - Bourbon had a hair appointment. He's not such the fuzzy duck now. He is so prissy after a hair cut.

Prince Charming is making planter boxes for the front porch. He's making them from rough cut lumber that we have in the basement. You won't see them with the plants we'll fill them with, because hopefully they'll cascade over the sides. I finally got off my dead butt & spray painted the iron geese a fresh coat of stove black. Took me all of 40 minutes & that incleded drying time. Why'd I wait so long? They are positioned back @ thier post on the front steps. I want to tie some pink or yellow ribbons around thier necks! Yes, they are named. Petey & Penny. We had a set of geese when I was a kid & that's what my Mother named them. So? that's them again. Beter than Morticia & Gomez though, don't you think?

Tomorrow we are putting down the landscape fabric in the flower beds in the front yard. Next weekend we'll buy mulch & spread that all. Then? maybe the Joneses can keep up with US. (Probably not, as the new folks in the house at the corner just put in an in-ground pool....)

Oh! Forgot to tell y'all this though. On top of all we're doing, going, and making. My allergies are absolutely awful. I have taken pills, get medicine head. Nothing has stopped my running nose. I look like a 3 year old with a cold. My nose is SO raw, and I am applying burt's bee's LIP BALM to my upper lip, below my nose becasue I look like I shaved myself too close! I gave up using kleenex. Now I'm using a dishtowel. It's softer.........My head feels like it's going to explode & my eyes look like I been petting long haired cats. but Hey! Once I get through this little ordeal I'll be good to go. 23 years ago, when I lived in Califonia, I had perpetual sinus problems. Not so much now. Maybe once a year.

Prince Charming (there's areason he's PC, you know!) told me that I'm beautiful, Rudolph nose & all. Ah! True Love. Who can live without it?

I'll post pics of the ugly dog blanket when I get the binding on it.

See Ya!

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