Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Work

QB1 is probably going to skin me alive, as I was supossed to have her charity quilt completed. I got the backing loaded & that is as far as I have got.

What did I spend my weekend doing?


Saturday, Prince Charming & I laid down 110 bags of mulch. Yes. 110. Why bags? Well we priced mulch by the yard (buckets) One place had it @ $20 per bucket (less than one yard.) Another had it @ $33 per bucket. Looked like a full yard. Wal Mart actually had it the least expensive @ $2.88 per bag. Lowe's had the EXACT SAME brand @ $3.44 per 2 cf bag. Decided the bags were a better idea too because then we wouldn't have to use the pitch forks to get into place. We got it at Wal Mart. Had to make 3 trips to get all the bags becasue we didn't want to drag the trailer through the yard that Prince Charming just seeded & fertilized 2 weeks ago.


Last weekend we put down 1500 square feet of landscape fabric & then Tuesday of last week there was this horendous storm. No joke. It was bad. Straight line winds & rain. (that is something to see!) Worst we got was that our plastic storage doo-hickey thing got blwon off the porch & it was full of empty planters (& not cusions it's designed for!) and the planters blew all in the woods of my neighbor's house. But I was afrid that when I got home all that landscape fabric that we had put down was going to be strung up in the trees through the whole block. This didn't happen & I was glad. Seems overdoing the little metal pins/stakes paid off.

This weekend we put down mulch & filled the planters on the front porch. Prince Charming made the planters out of some old oak that we have. (we have a HUGE pile of it...lots & takes up a lot of space in the garage!) - we filled those planters with trailing petunias, caladiums & gladiolas....Some calla lillies (they did really well there last year) and soemthing else that I can't think of. The petunias should cover up the front of the planters in a month. I hope. We just wanted some COLOR out front without doing anything permanent. I still lack filling the containers @ the front door. You should have heard the conversation about the planters @ the front door! It went something like this:

Prince Charming: What are we going to put in those planters @ the door?
Me: Ferns
Prince Cahrming: What kind of ferns?
Me; Faux Ferns.
Prince Charming: Pho Ferns? What do THOSE look like?

They have not arrived yet. I can't keep a fern alive or without drying out for anything. So I'm going with faux. They live longer.

Anyway - below are the pictures of what we got accomplished this weekend. Notice the black geese. I painted THOSE last weekend too. I should have left them in the back yard - they seemed to keep the blackbirds away from the bird food. They LOOK better on my front porch.

Funny thing happened @ Wal Mart today. One of those "you know you're getting old when...." times. I'm standing in line behind this couple that are buying a boat load of cleaning supplies. I thought they were going to drag out a notebook full of coupons becasue there was THAT much cleaning stuff...Kid @ the register says to the lady "wow it looks like y'all are doing a LOT of cleaning" - Lady says "Yeh, we been doing it for 2 weekends in a row" (well since I don't ever know a stranger) I say "yeh, I know how you feel, we have been doing yard work for 2 weekends in a row too!". Lady turns to the kid & says "Keeping up with the Joneses is a b!tch", I said to the lady.."I told my husband that the Joneses can kiss my @ss." We all have a good giggle & the lady & her husband leave & the kid starts scanning my groceries. The kid says to me "So? Y'all live on the same street?" I look at him & say "No." He says "But you both KNOW the Joneses???" I didn't know what to say! So I said "Yeh, we do..." I guess you know you're getting old when the younger generation doesn't know what "Keeping up with the Joneses" means....I nearly laughed at the poor kid's face. Bless his heart.

Y'all have a good evening. I'm looking forward to sitting at my desk at work tomorrow. No mulch!


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