Saturday, January 3, 2009

Star Struck / UFO #3

I was trying to get a 3rd project finished before 2009 rolled in.

I got side tracked making Bonnie Hunter's New Year's mystery quilt.

This IS NOT the mystery quilt, it's what I got done BEFORE I pt it away to start the mystery quilt.

I am absolutely POSITIVE that I started this Star Struck quilt in early 2007. I have piddled with it , on & off, since then but I wanted to finish it before 2009 and I didn't get to it! I have all the sub-units sewn into blocks and I have about 1/3 of the blocks sewn into rows & I grabbed off the sewing table & stuck it on a box so I could start another project.

Once I have all the blocks sewn together, I'll post another photo. I don't have any idea what colors that I want to go with for the borders......The main color of the "stars" in this quilt are dark green & creams. The accent colors are gold & brown. Maybe a solid dark brown inner border & a green print outer border? I have no clue.....and there are NOT enought blocks to go borderless.


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