Sunday, January 11, 2009

Interesting Block & Following the directions......

I was blog surfing late last night (up with an upset stomach...) and went to a blog that was linked from Bonnie Hunter's site. I think it was called "Quilt Hollow" ( Well, in one of her earlier posts (before Christmas) and she had this neat little quilt with this really grafic postivie/negative block. She had instructions posted for it, and I really wanted to do some sewing, but not too much because (again) I wasn't feeling very well this weekend....
So? I read the instructions, look at the block. Read the instructions, look at the block....I was really really CONFUSED. I tried 3 times to get the block to work with the instructions provided. Well, guess WHY I couldn't get the block to work. Got any ideas? Well, it was because I was using the WRONG ruler. I had made SO many of those little square in a square blocks from the Mystery Quilt that I automatically glossed over the instructions when it said to use the "Companion Angle" ruler and my brain read "Easy Angle" ruler. Both from "EZ". So i tried, extrememly unsuccessfully to construct this block. Which , by te way, is called "Night & Day". Okay, well ! Once I used the correct ruler, it was easy peasy! The directions used 1.25 inch strips. I'm NOT that ambitious, I used 2 inch strips.
the blocks at the top of this post, are the result of following the instructions correctly & using the correct ruler! there are 16 triangles per block. it just seemed intimidating with the 1.25" strips! I did need to "pinwheel" the center seams , on the back where the 4 sub-units all come together, so that the seams lay flat. (Thank you Eleanor Burns, for that little trick!)
maybe I can make a few of these blocks, every once in a while, and then I'll have a quilt!
We'll see!

Oh, I nearly forgot, the ruler onthe RIGHT is the CORRECT ruler. The ruler on the left, was not the correct one to use to make this block. I simply could NOT make it work, no matter how hard I tried. Just not the right angle!



Barb said...

I love those blocks. I don't think I have ever used those rulers before...I don't even know if my brain goes there.

frenchtown said...

NICE piecing. I never learned to piece in any modern competent manner. I used to do it all by hand.