Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mystery Quilt / Post #1

here are my fabric choices for the mystery quilt "Double Delight".

I am woefully behind, as she has ALREADY posted step #4 and I don't even have step #1 finished yet!

My cutting mat is a lime green one from Wal-Mart and it makes these fabrics look so washed out & I also took the photos at night & it's more than a little dark in upstaris in our bonus room (I do nearly all my sewing at night)...I have shirtings, multiple pinks, multiple blues & multiple browns. I don't have any "cheddars", I am using "golds" or what resembles gold to me. I refuse to go buy more fabric, it's not like I NEED fabric, so I was determined to make it from stash. the only thing I'll consdier as a "need" to purchase, will be borders for this project.....

Speaking of mats, I like this brand, because even though they are the same price as other mats, they are double sided...but dang if they are not the STINKIEST mats! Smells like a skunk took up residence in my sewing area! Blek!



The Calico Quilter said...

Aren't these mystery quilts fun? This is my first one, and I'm enjoying letting someone else design for a change. The light green cutting board looks like a good idea for cutting darker colors. Any halfway dark fabrics just blend into my Omnimat and drives me crazy trying to see the edge through the ruler. I may have to have a light and a dark mat, to cover all bases. What brand is that?

Turtle said...

OMGosh your fabs look great.. I havent even started gathering yet so I am waaaaay behind.

Susan said...

Wow, Sam, I'm so glad you invited me to visit your blog. I love your quilts, especially the one on the bed under your cat LOL! And I really like the fabrics you have picked out for the new Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. It's going to come out great.
Will be back to take another look soon!