Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Star Struck Quilt

Well, since I struck out on the Mystery Quilt (pun intended)I decided to finish my Star Struck Quilt. I worked on it during the week, not too much this weekend. i haven't felt really well this weekend...
Anyway, i like the way this turned out. I STARTED this quilt in 2007, it's 2009...I TOLD you, I am bad at keeping a timeline/deadline/commitment to myself. But I guess it's a good thing that I make quilts, then, because I can just about pick-up/drop & re-assume any progress I want! SWEET !!
So far, I have bought nothing to complete this quilt. I will not even use any fabric that I bought before Christmas from the shop in Kentucky!
I am going to put a solid brown 2 inch inner border on & a 6 inch green Thimbleberries print for the outer border & the binding. The best part? I EVEN have a backing fabric that has a gold tone to it!
See? This is why I have a stash!
Once I get the borders on, I'll post another photo! Probably won't be until next week, I'm not great at posting onto my blog during the week. Life, it just get's busy, you know?