Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Nolting is UP! - Soon to be DOWN

On Wednesday while I was off, I decided I would do some long arm quilting. that is what i always do on Wednesday - just not normally AT HOME. I have Donna's quilt that i REALLY, REALLY need to get done & honestly it's up after this one. I was afraid to put a "customer" quilt on the rails since I had never used this machine before - I needed to get a "feel" for it!

The little quilt in this photo is a lap size that I made with leftovers from the quilt I made that is on our bed. (If you look at earlier posts, you can see the BIG one) I thought that if I didn't get the "feel" for the machine right away and I made mistakes, that the mistakes should be on something that was mine & something that didn't matter if I i loaded this little beauty.
First off, the machine performed beautifully. Secondly - I did something with THIS little quilt that I have NEVER done before. I used a sheet for the backing & polyester batting! the sheet was old, old, old - i didn't figure the weave of the sheet was going to be too tight after all these years! WHY? did I do that? Well because I didn't have any backing & batting. Not at the house! It's all packed up. I (probably) have enough backings for 10 quilts & batting for twice that many...but none when I needed I did "no-no's" and it came out alright. No skipped stitches or anything.
So ? Now I am ready to really get busy.
I officially have less than 6 weeks before we move to TN
The Nolting is set up in my STUDIO (AKA: the garage) Isn't that nice inside? Nice paint, nice lights, nice fans.....I need a radio & I think I'm SET.
Gotta go.

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