Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday & Easy Project!

This has been the first wekend that we didn't work on or in the garage since August. the only time we DIDN'T work on the garage is if the weather prohibited it or we had a function we couldn't get out of......

Saturday I went to the Race Track w/ DH & helped him put out trash cans. That's putting it real simple because the trash cans were great big 8 yard dumpsters. There were about 85 of them. give or take 10. All of them had to have plugs screwed in (my job) and stickers put on (my job again). We got done around 2PM - came home & went to sleep...
Sunday we spent a lazy day. I slept in until around 8:30 & then got up & went to the store. It was still early & not crowded yet. When I got home I put everything away & them took a nap. It's the first Sunday that I have done that in AGES....I got up & my sinuses have been giving me a fit over the past week. Every outside surface is yellow from the head has felt ike it's swelled as big as a basketball! If I take sinus med, I get medicine I suffer.
I had originally decided that I was going to spend Saturday & part of Sunday quilting, but went to the track w/ DH instead. Sort of our quality time.....but Sunday I was feeling sort of creative & I etched my name in a glass baking dish. It was a neat little project & I think I impressed DH! the top photo looks the best, I couldn't find anything or anywhere to prop it up so that it would show up really well. You get the idea, I am sure. Really simple, really fast (well fast if your name isn't super long. Good thing it's not Messerschmidt or something....) I let the etching cream sit on the glass while I cleaned up the kitchen from dinner this evening. This baking ids is one that I had in the cabinet. I don't think I have used it much. It's by Anchor Hocking. I looked at the "Pyrex" dishes @ Wal Mart but they had SO MUCH raised printing. The etching cream that I have WILL etch the raised printing, but the Anchor brand had LESS than the Pyrex brand. So I used the Anchor dish that I had for ME & then I'll make 2 for a wedding & a going away gift for fellow employees in May.
Maybe DD#1 & DD#2 would like to have baking dishes with thier names etched in them too?
It was a fun project, THANK YOU JOAN for the link & the idea.
Well DH has to be in Nashville at a big meeting , which means he cant' wear jeans....So I have to pack good clothes for the week. And I still have laundry to fold & put away. Since the house is up for sale, i can't leave anythign stitting out. it all has to be folded, put away & everything put back. i hate laundry!!
Gotta Go

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~Joan said...

Wow, Sam. Your dish looks great! Now the wrong family will never have YOUR dish. Doesn't that make you happy, LOL?