Saturday, April 12, 2008

The *NEW* House in Burns, TN

DH & I went house-hunting AGAIN in TN on April 4th & 5th. We looked at nearly 11 houses in 2 days. We chose this one & put in an offer. We low-balled it & the seller countered, then we countered. The seller accepted our counter - so after all the paperwork & escrow & inspections & legal-ease stuff that goes along with buying a house gets done - we can move in After 6PM on May 26th.
This house sits on 1.58 acres (.40 acres less than we do now & no lake at the new house) It has 2700 square feet {500 square feet larger than our current house....}. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. All bedrooms & bathrooms are on the same floor. It has a HUGE basement. Something like 38 X 52 and that includes a 2 car parking area. There is also a separate area in the basement that is a storm shelter. Storm shelters are a very useful commodity in TN !
It also has a bonus room upstairs. 30 x 30 is what the bonus room is, I think. And there are 2 areas on each side of the bonus room that are unfinished. Maybe a future bathroom & storage area??? Who knows at this moment?
There is a formal dining room & an area in the kitchen that you can eat in too. The kitchen is much smaller than mine in AL but it DOES have a very large pantry - that's it's only saving grace....and all the appliances are black. i didn't think I'd like that, but it looks really elegant.
The back yard is situated so that fencing it will be an easy thing to do. i like the driveway, and I like the walkway & porch. I dont' feel like we "settled", I think we moved up the "socio-economic" ladder, as far as neighborhoods are concerned.....housewise - the house in AL is larger in the kitchen, the formal dining room & the master bedrooms. The house in TN has a larger living room - but it also has a bonus room & the basement - we wanted those too
SO? All we lack doing is paperwork, paperwork & more PAPER WORK !!! Then the movers come.
By the way...I have a house in AL for sale.....if you know someone that's looking !

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