Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not for Queasy Readers ! My Fat Dog's Buttons

Anyone that knows me (even a little) knows that I have a FAVORITE fat dog. Her name is Chelsea. She comes to work with me every day & has been for 9 years. I don't think I will dothat when we move to TN. Anyway - Monday a co-worker was petting her & says to me "Hey Miss Sam - what's this lump on Chelsea's ear?". To which I answer: "What lump?" My fat dog, Chelsea, had this huge lump on her right ear. It looked like what batting does in old quilts & wads up in big lumps? Only this was soft. She didn't like me fiddling with it. So my plan was to take her to the vet today while I was off Only my office help had the flu and we swapped days so she could stay home & get well. My co-worker's wife (a very good friend of mine!!), CJ, volunteered to take Chelsea to the vet. Well she didn't come back with my dog!!!!

CJ said that Chelsea had an ear infection & has shook her head & ruptured a blood vessel in her ear and that is what caused the swelling. The vet has to lance it, drain it & put a compression bandage on it. I admit that I didn't have a clue what a "compression bandage" was, but I was not prepared for BUTTONS. Bless her little doggie heart. He lanced the swelling & literally sutured the buttons from inside to outside of her ear. This is to prevent her ear from swelling again while it heals. If it does appear that it is swelling , (yack here) , I have to wash it & clean it until it drains. I am not kidding , these are actual BUTTONS on my dog's ear. he shaved her ear too. Poor Chelsea, she is still quite loopy in these photos.

I feel rotten too, since I didn't notice anything. I'm sick over it. How can I NOT see this? For goodness sake, I bring this dog TO WORK WITH ME !!!! When CJ didn't come back with my dog, I cried. I was so upset over the whole situation.

I hope I didn't gross anyone out with these photos, I really didn't think anyone would believe me that she has BUTTONS stitched to either side of her ears. I called CJ & she was astounded & I called my bud Zan - she read all my emails today bemoaning how rotten a pet owner that I am to let something like this slide & SHE was astounded too. I've never seen this. Never. And the poor dog is just fretful....The vet siad she has to wear her buttons for 2 weeks. I know it's awful for her, but I'll bet you a dime that all the people I work with are going to ask me if I did that!!! Even DD#2 didn't think that the BUTTONS were actually stitched on her ear. I was already being a big bother to my dog - she wouldn't let me get any closer to her you blame her?

DH is't home - I have got to figure a way to get my favorite fat dog upstairs & into our room - she's too heavy for me to lift into our bed. Don't roll your eyes! I HAVE to make sure she doesn't scratch the buttons out. Maybe I should just sleep in the downstairs bedroom?
Where's a baby gate when you need one? if I can get her into a specific bedroom, I have to KEEP her there!!!!

This is going to be a LONG night.


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