Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weeks & Weeks & My Older Quilts

It's been a few days - cetainly more than a few - days that is - and maybe a week since I posted last. I have been SO busy. I have traveled every week - out of state for the past 3 weeks. This week & next week are the 2 that I get to get back to normal. Whatever normal is. Then the first week of April , I am traveling BACK up to TN to spend 2 days of house hunting. Seems I don't LIKE house hunting much....I really don't want to get into that rant right now.

My friend & fellow blogger, JP, posted a quilt on her blog that looked familiar to me! I made one too. I think it was in some scrap quilting book or another. And then also in the Fons & Porter magazine. It has a zillion little 8 pointed stars in ti. It was SO boring to make! I think I had 1800 little 1.5 inch star points. No joke, I counted them! Anyway - It's the quilt on the 4 poster bed. that's the master bedroom bed. The quilt is really too big on the bed, because I made it a queen size & the bed is full sized. The quilt hangs down on the sides to the middle of the sideboards.... We have queen size beds in the guest rooms . (that will change when we move)

Top 2 photos are of the quilts in the master bedroom. The Blue & White Zig Zag quilt that I call my Rick-Rack Quilt is also a Fons & Porter pattern from thier magazine. I actually made 2 of those Rick-Rack Quilts! I over-sewed too many blocks & only ended up making about 20 more to make another quilt!

the next photo is of the quilts in the "pink" guest room. I love that quilt on the bed. It is so beautiful & all in Thimbleberries prints. 100% Thimbleberries. I have 2 quilt racks in that room - along with a quilt on the footboard of the bed! I made all of these.

Last is the "yellow" guest room. I call that quilt on the bed "896". Why? You ask? Well, because there are 896 flying geese units in that quilt. I didn't think I would EVER get those finished. but I did, & it's one of my favorites too. That armoire is in the yellow room - I plan on FILLING it with quilts.

I didn't want to post withot showing some photos, so - there they are - some of my most beloved belongings. Quilts! All made by me. My quilts are more than just a hobby - they are part of me. Blood sweat & tears. Definately one or more of blood sweat & tears has gone into the making of any one of them . There are more - some at DD#1's apartment in the big city & some with DD#2 at her apartment at college. and I probably have 5 (maybe 7?) quilt TOPS hanging inn the closet.

If you wonder WHY I stand the pillows up on end (you can't see them - but they are up on end on the bed in the pink room too.....) on the's because I forget to close the doors to the rooms to keep the cat out & if the pillows are down, or propped up - he'll sleep on them. I hate the cat on the bed and he really only gets up there to sleep on the pillows. So ? Problem solved now. He doesn't even get on the beds at all if he can't get on the pillows!!

Ha ha

Good Night


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