Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nearly Year's End

Where does one BEGIN when the year is near it's end? Sometimes I think the years go by so slow & others go by in a blink. When the kids were little , it never seemed like they would hurtle whatever learning experience they/we were going through. Time seemed like an endless train tunnel. Now that they are grown & out of the house, the time I spend WITH them seems so short. Like blinking, then POOF they're gone. then the perioda between "visits" seems so LONG - I guess it's some sort of game? Who knows.
It's been an eventful few weeks. I didnt put up a Christmas tree (again) this year. I don't think anyone was much surprised by that, I'm afraid.
Husband has caught a cold. He sounds awful. I think I got whatever it is he's got. I have been cold all day & being cold is the exact opposite of my usual temperature. I hope that's all I get , chilled......I hate being sick. It's so demeaning.
Ha - if you read this, you should try this: go to & for every "word" that you guess the correct definition or meaning, a grain of rice will get donated to 3rd world counties. I got up to 4000 grains. Reckon how many grains of rice are ina 5 pound bag? I wonder. At least I know that I am not as ignorant as I may appear. I'm pretty good with those definitions & many are not easy! It's some fun....little but fun none-the-less. Ha ha - good thing it's not math! I'd show my ignorance then, for sure.
DD#2 took her Devil-Cat home yesterday , hooray - she's not really a bad cat, she's just vocal, demanding & if you are sitting, to her, you are ready to pet her. Can't even go potty without her coming to visit.
Ihave been following the "Mystery Quilt" pattern on the web-site of I printed all the installments, but I just CAN NOT start another project. Just can't. You see, I have to keep telling myself that, or I start another one.
Christmas was nice & quiet. Just the hubby & girls & me. No screaming kids, no runing around (dog's don't count, do they?)
DD#1 has gone back to the city to visit with freinds before she has to return to Metropolis. Metropolis is one ugly city. #1 It's too dang far away #2 I've been there a total of ONCE & didn't like it. And I am FROM a big city! Go-Figure.
I bought DD#1 some very beautiful earrings off EBAY - fractured china. they were roses. Shards of ceramic english pottery transformed into jewelery. But the thing is , is that when I got them, i put them away so I wouldn't forget them for DD#1's Christmas present. Guess what? I can't find them! I am so upset over that. They were not cheap little baubles either, I have searched everywhere. No such luck, I can't find them.
I have tomorrow off instead of the day before yesterday. My office help had a couple of sick children. Said that one of them ran a high fever on Christmas Day & didn't even feel like celebrating. Poor kid, it turned out to be an ear infection. I was initially resentful that I had to come in to work Wednesday after Christmas, but that was just spiteful ness on my part. Who wants a child to be sick on Christmas? Not me. Especially a kid that STILL believes in Santa Claus. It's been so long since WE had that type of wonder int he house. but I think she's recovereing, that's why I get Friday!
I was going to leave directly from work to go to TN to visit my sister tomroow, but now I just leave from home & get there in the daylight instead of doing all my driving in the dark. So - even though I didn't get to spend 2 days with my DDs, I do get a 3 day weekend. I'm veiwing it as a silver lining!
I'm anxious to get back into a non-holiday routine. A "regular" week will be welcome.
No sewing agin lately. My achine is gathering dust. Maybe I can sew more ont he 2 Log Cabins Quilts that I started in Oct tomorrrow mornign? You know, jammies, sewing , music cranked up, doing laundry....ah what bliss - well bliss for everything except the laundry.....I really hate laundry. I do!
Well my eyelids are getting droopy - and I know I keep hitting the wrong keys, it's my typing that is awful, not my spelling. (grammer sucks though)

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The Quilter said...

Boy, do I know what you mean about talking yourself out of starting a new project! I'm bad about telling myself that I'll just cut out one block and put it together to see if I like the pattern. Before you know it the kitchen is full of fabric scraps and I have two rows made, and then, well, I HAVE to put it before the other unfinished projects because I'm so far along!

I want to start something new and my brother-in-law may get married soon, gives me a reason to make a new quilt. But, rats, he has a king size bed. The last one I made for him (120 inches x 120 inches of Ocean Waves - glutton for punishment) felt like piecing a football field! But that red background large print I'm going to use for the borders is calling to me, so I'm probably start it soon.

I blog about the day-to-day issues of life, and about my hobbies when I get time to pursue them. Check out

I'll be checking back to see how your quilts are coming along.