Friday, December 14, 2007

End of a Tring Week!

WOW! This week has been full. DH & I took a week off of work to "work" on our garage. We went & ordered the vinyl siding. I forgot how expensive that stuff is when you DON'T buy it off the shelf! It won't be in until the end of January. anyway - we bought sheetrock/drywall & spent all week installing insulation & then drywall. I don't know how well we did as we've never done it before. But all the walls & the ceilings are covered. I felt like we had a pretty productive week. Tuesday I mashed my finger with the hammer stapler while installing insulation & today is Friday & it still aim was pretty bad to do that, I guess. We got the plywood up on the ceiling on his side but not on the walls - just couldn't get that far & we worked hard to get done what we did.
My plans for this week while we worked on the garage during the day was to come in at night & sew on the 2 log cabin quilts that I am making. THAT didn't happen. Too dang tired at the end of the day! We DID, however, get rid of all the juck that gets left over during construction. All the wood end peices & scrap. And the old decking off the dock. We burned it all. DH wanted to know if drywall burned??? I imagine SO ! Houses burn all the time, don't they? My dogs were in heaven. Being loose all week. Bourbon is a momma's boy! that dog loves me, no matter how nasty dirty I got, or anything. He stil wanted petting & he still wanted me to throw the ball. Bless his heart. He is such a good dog. I love him ! Briscoe, on the other hand - isn't as smart as Bourbon. Briscoe is evidently the muscle of the 2, Bourb-bourb has got to be the brain.....Little Bourbon can out think Briscoe every time.
Speaking of outthinking Briscoe - exactly how many nights in a row do I have to put the "no barking" collar on Briscoe before he actually gets the message about NOT barking at night (unless there's a GOOD reason)??? 4 nights in a row is a litle much....I can't wait for Briscoe to get some age on him, then maybe the $$ I spent on him will have been worth it ....(?) I'm not sure...

Oh well - I hear my feather pillow calling me - I'm ready to sleep now

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