Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday I went to see STOMP. I went with my DD#2 & 2 freinds. I was SO good! Much better than the opera! But then, maybe I'm just not fond of the phantom. Who knows? also went to the folk art museum to see some of the Gee's Bend quilts. The museum itself was nice, but there were not the number of quilts that I would like to have seen.
Got to say, though, I REALLY live in a bubble. Downtown was scary. Homeless people, drunks, panhandlers.....very sketchy at best. Maybe I am just a coward, but I didn't even have a box cutter with me. 4 women looked like sitting ducks, I'm sure! But - right now? I can laugh about it, but I guarantee you won't find me downtown after dark. I want to be back home in the boonies where I belong & where I certainly can defend myself! Ha Ha
I have not done a single stitch of sewing on my 2 log Cabin quilts....but I DID quilt a denim lap quilt on the long arm today. I wanted to make a quilt that was ruin proof. I used 60 inch wide 100% coton denim & then a 100% cotton "homespun" the homespun is a blue/black/white plaid. Hard on the eyes! But I quilted an all over pantograph called "Fantasia" and it came out great. Very tone on tone. I can't wait to bind it & wash it. I was thinking of letting it be used for FatDog#1 when she's on my bed. We'll see - if it's too nice, it will end up a gift to someone - it's not large enough to be considered a twin, but it's definately larger than a lap quilt.
Well - once agian - my pillow calls!

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