Friday, June 23, 2017

June & It's Already Past The Middle Of The Month

I started this little lap sized quilt on June 12th. I know I started it that day because I took the whole day off to go to my quilt guild meeting. The meeting isn't until 5:30PM, but they sew all day & that's what I wanted to do. It's "just a simple 9-Patch", but trust me, I can mess that up too when I'm running my mouth!  I sewed the 9-Patches together WRONG. The green is supposed to create the chain effect & while I was talking & sewing, I made over a 1/3 of my blocks with the print the chain. So I had to frog stitch them & re-do them. Well.....that gave me more 9-Patch blocks than I needed for a LAP sized quilt. By the my house we don't call them Lap-Quilts, we call them Potato Quilts. Long story, very funny, I'll save that explanation for another day. Since I messed up & had way more 9-patch blocks than I wanted, I didn't have enough of the print to make borders. Decided to just make a twin sized quilt & come up with something else for the borders. No, I can't get more of this print. It's an older Kaufman print. the Celebrate Seuss Line. I have found very little of this print on-line & I'm sure I didn't pay over $10 per yard when I got it & what I HAVE been able to find is over $13. Not happening. As my friend Diane says....."Running out of enough fabric to make the borders , forces me to be creative. It always turns out unexpectedly GREAT!"

Without borders, it's measuring 54"X78". My intention is to make an 1st inner border of the green & then a 2nd inner border to create a piano key of solids in the colors of the stars. 3rd outer border of the green again. Bind it in solid black. I have less than 1 yard of the stars print & I'd really like to use it between the green borders, but I just don't think I can stretch it that far!

Blocks finish 6". It's FRY YOUR EYES OUT BRIGHT!!!! I'm making it for my favorite grandchild & he LIKES bright, so it's going to be perfect!

Here is my FAVORITE grandchild. He is 7 & 1/2 - be 8 in December. While he has lost bottom teeth, he just lost his first front tooth. I figured he'd be in high school before he lost his front teeth. No kidding. He didn't get all his teeth as a baby for a very long time. He was like 18 months old before he even had like 4 teeth. them taking forever to fall out is not surprising at all. This little tooth was already turning gray & it needed to come out. He is a sensitive & compassionate child & he does NOT like the site of blood. So, I'm pretty sure those are tears! OMGoodness, how I love this little guy!

that's it for now

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