Thursday, May 4, 2017

2 Months

Wow. 2 Months. It's been 2 months since I have posted anything on my blog. I feel like a slacker. I HAVE been busy. I have 3 of "Shirt" Quilts completed. Bound too. I even have one hanging in the bedroom. I figured it could sit there until the show in October. So...that was 5 months making 3 quilts. The one I started first, I finished last. It's HUGE. It is definitely King sized. It literally hangs about 5 inches off the floor on a queen size bed.

I finished a project that I started YEARS ago. Irish Stars I think it's called? This was #2. I cut out 2 & only completed 1. still lacks borders. I don't have a photo for this one. So there's that. I made blocks for a quilt from an Atkinson Designs Book - 9-Patch Reunion. Or something like that. It needs borders. (do you see a pattern here????) No picture on this either.

Then as I'm piddling around in my sewing room, sorting things/fabric/notions. I had all these shirting fat quarters. From Civil War Repro collections etc. But they are too DARK to really be LIGHTS. Or the print is too busy to be considered LIGHT. So I was going to take them to my guild meeting & just give them away. But there were SO MANY. Once I started running the $$ in my head....I couldn't bring myself to give them away! So I decided I'd create another "On Eagle's Wings" quilt. Only since I'm doing all the triangles in black, I'm calling it "Raven's Wings".

They are really coming out nice. I'm glad I made the decision to make something from all those dark light fat quarters! LOL

I have been doing a little with vinyl. T-Shirts mainly. I made one for me. Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. Goodness ! that stuff is a challenge to work with. I put a dinosaur on a t-shirt for my grandson, a catching phrase on one for Ryan. Taking one to Texas with me next week for Sarah. The one in the photo is mine. In retrospect, I should have just used my selfie stick. but oh-well - you get the drift of it!

Did I say Texas? Yep. I'll be in Texas next week visiting with Sarah. Prince Charming will be staying home. Work is always busy this time of year!

Well - that's it for a check in.


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