Monday, February 6, 2017

Finished Quilts

I have completed the Delectable Mountains / Mountains Majesty Quilt. It ended up something like 88X116. Way too long. So I removed one row off the bottom & put one on the side. It wasn't as simple as just removing the row & flipping the blocks either! I removed the row, separated the blocks & then had to make 7 more blocks as all the blocks on the SIDE row are the SAME block, just rotated differently. Now it's 97X109. I used a king sized flannel sheet set for the backing. I used the flat sheet & both pillowcases to make it.

I don't usually use flannel as a backing because I'm so hot natured. I don't usually piece the backings either - nor do I use sheets. However...I'm trying to keep these "shirt" quilts as close to Re-Duce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle as I can. Oddly enough, the flannel sheet set at Goodwill was $7.99. There is NO WAY I could get backing fabric for that. No way at all.

I only lack getting the piano key border put onto the first Shirt Quilt I started. then all I have to do is hang onto them until the October show! Yay! I'll be ahead of my own game. I hate deadlines & figured if I made them now, I wouldn't have to worry about cramming quilting into the last few weeks before the show in October.

It has been very difficult for me to NOT to put the shirt quilts to the side & go work on something else. I'm tired of working on strips of stripes & plaids! But I'm almost done, in the home stretch now!

No photos. Sorry - saving them for a surprise for the show.


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