Monday, November 14, 2016

Shirt Quilt #3 / Only Half Way

Accountability people. That's what this post is.

Pattern is free from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville website. I think she calls it Mountains Majesty. It's a Delectable Mountains variation. Whatever. It's an easy pattern. Easy to screw up too. I honestly don't think I have enough contrast between MY lights & darks, but it sure shows up fine in these pictures.

Cool. Works for me!

This is only HALF done. I need 7 more rows of 14 blocks each. Then I don't know if I'll leave it with NO borders, or if I'll put more Mountain blocks on, as the border. We'll see how enthusiastic I am when I get to that point! Here it's seen on a queen sized bed in our spare room. it currently touches the edge of each side of the BOTTOM of the quilt beneath it. Edge to edge on each border.

It's possible, I'll put my Shirt Quilts on hold thru Christmas, as I have SO MUCH to get done! I am trying to get some ornaments sewn for my daughters I am using the patterns from MMMCrafts, the "12 Days Of Christmas" series. She has only published thru 7:

I started last year & did a whole ONE ornament. I want to better than that this year. When I complete any, I'll post those as well.

As Always, Talk To Y'All later!

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