Monday, November 28, 2016

Cardboard Magazine Holders

I have a LOT of patterns. When I get my closet (in my new sewing room) I will have a shelf with just these magazine holders on it. Filled with my patterns. Well , they are pretty boring. So I trolled around on Pinterest & found a few ideas to cover them. With shelf liner paper.

I bought a bunch of these holders at Office Depot on clearance. I think I got like 36? Something like that. $1.99 for 3. They were on clearance because they are being discontinued.

I used a black & white toile shelf liner paper from the Dollar Tree. Each roll? $1.00 ! They are not large. Not for $1.00 !  18 inches X 54 inches per roll.  

I also put a little rectangle of chalk board paper right where the white blank space was. I failed to get a photo. But in the very first picture, where the white label box is? That's where I have the chalk board label.

This toile really ties the black & white theme together. I bought a bunch of rolls!!!

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