Monday, November 14, 2016

Shirt Quilt #1

This is the first quilt that I have finished. Made from men's cotton button up shirts. The green was a sheet.

It measures 89" X 104" ( I think. I measured it last night, wrote it on a sticky note & pinned it to the quilt top - but I simply can't remember what it is exactly!) It is, as yet, un-quilted. I am trying to use a flannel sheet as the backing & I need to make that flat sheet larger by adding strips of the fitted sheet to it. Still working on that.

I should have taken the picture with it on the bed. But I didn't. Oh well.

I wanted to knock a few of the "Shirt Quilts" out before I resume my unfinished projects again. That way, I'm not rushing to have something for the show next October.


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