Monday, April 27, 2015

A-Line Jumpers - For Dolls

The pattern for the A-Line was one I purchsed ...oh...maybe 2009? I don't know, can't remember. It was designed for the 18" American Girl Dolls. I enlarged it to 128% for the My Twinn Doll. The shirt is from a pattern by Debbie Glenn (Love & Stitches) I morphed 2 patterns. The collar from a yoke dress & the shirt sleeves & cuff from the petti-blouse pattern. Again , enlarged to 128% for the My Twinn Doll.The My Twinn doll has an entegrated plastic armature in her body - so her arms, legs, and head are extrememly posable - however...since it has that armature, the arms are cloth to ablout midways on the upper arm - that's why I make the sleeves so long on this doll. No! I do not collect dolls. I just really like SEWING for them. One day I'll be able to sew for another little girl. Maybe a grand daughter. Until then? I get my fix sewing for dolls. They don't complain anyway! Nor do they care if it's not their favorite color or too tight or anything. So it's a win-win sewing time for ME! Collars. Oh boy! I have a confession. When I finished the jumpers for the dolls I had these grand plans of a piped collar with a fabric ruffle. I made the collar for the shirt for the My Twinn Doll (whom I call Mary Jane) I sewed that piped ruffled collar to the shirt. It was SO bulky. The facing would not turn to the inside, and even after I topstitched it down, it still looked like WINGS around the neck. So I trashed it & started over. Totally threw that first one away. I was just disgusted with it. I put rick-rack on it instead. And since the collar on the AG Doll was so stinking small there was no way I was even going to TRY doing that!
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