Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Big Home Improvement Project for 2015

A deck. That's our project this summer. I hoping real hard that it doesn't take us all summer! But you never know. Our back deck was put on by the builders & it was there when we bought the house. It had an awning on it. While this is very nice to look at - we've been in this house since 2008 & the awning was beginning to show it's age. We'd treated it only once for leaking. Since the deck was "builder grade", it the spindles under the hand rails were 2X4's turned sideways. Again, it functioned very well. It was just time for a change! We spend a LOT of time on our back deck. It's like another living room during spring & summer. but at 12'X 16' you really couldn't get many people on it, nor could we have a screen door. So off the old awning came & down came the old deck! And construction begins! Here are a few BEFORE shots
We're thinking of taking a week's vacation this month to get the deck part done ASAP - as there is nothing out my kitchen door right now! Thanks for stopping by! M

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