Sunday, August 4, 2013

Long Day

Yesterday was a long long day! It rained all day so I sewed. I was determined to finish my quilt. Well the first half went together fairly easily, but this 2nd half was a booger! Know why? Yah, cuz I screwed up in the first few rows. Not only did I have to make TWO additional blocks to complete the layout, I messed up... Not bad, just noticible to me! Turns out that since I was setting the rows on-point, I was concentrating on the LEFT side of the layout. Well, as we all know, it's all in the details. Well, ONCE I figured out what I had done, it took twice as long to get the remaing rows sewn on. Add to that , I was running short, as in literally sqeaking by on the material for the sashing. I thought to myslef..."Self IF you have any left over sashing strips you can fix those 2 rows! Otherwise, leave them, no-one but YOU will know what is missing there!" order to get enough sashing strips to COMPLETE the remaining rows, I had to dig in my trash can to get the left over peices from cutting the sashing strips. I had to peice together 6 strips. 3 peices of 1.5 in strips, no longer than maybe 2.5 inches. I am VERY glad that I don't empty my trashcan in my sewing room until a project is finished!!!! Peiced them together to finish the quilt. Figured if I had to make THOSE for the remaining rows, I needed to fix the other 2 rows. I'm glad I DID, but it took me til 12:30 AM to do it! Today I only lack getting the corner triangles on. Hopefully I can get that done without any hitches. We shall see! Sam

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